Ain’t no such thing as too many fish hooks. (;

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hes the one. i love him. i feel it in my head, heart, body, and soul. God sent him to me. i cant wait <3 i love you Logen Baker<3

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Broken Gravity

my heart is heavy. tears swelling in the whispers of my eyes. i feel so cold. dont leave me. im shattered, scattered, bruised, broken. guide me back to the light that you fill within me. why am i hurting like this? i know you love me. but i need you. crave your touch, long for your kiss, your embrace. i feel as though im falling through your fingers into the black pit of my heart. dont let go. i give you so much of me. please, im begging, dont hurt me like he did. i cant take it. i need you. i love you. 

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